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Construction defects cause problems on a variety of levels. Not only do they cause safety concerns for those who use and/or occupy the affected buildings, but they reduce the value of those buildings and, if uncorrected, can also lead to additional damage.

They are also, unfortunately, more common than we realize; design or material defects, poor workmanship, etc. haunts a lot of new home and building owners every year. In these instances, the builders, contractors, engineers, product manufacturers, etc. who are responsible should be held accountable. It is simply unjust for the new owners to absorb the costs of poor workmanship or to suffer the consequences.

Making a case for construction defects should only be done by an experienced construction defect attorney. It is your right to seek compensatory damages in order to make things right.

At the Law Offices of Colby Lewis, i am committed to providing you with the very best in obtaining justice. I have a history of bringing claims on behalf of homeowners who are burdened with defects through no fault of their own. Contact the office today for a free consultation.

These issues can show up in the form of:

  • Flood damage
  • Foundation issues
  • Improperly installed or maintained HVAC systems
  • Problems with a building’s electrical system
  • Plumbing problems
  • Poorly executed renovations, and others

Everyone involved at each step of the process in real estate is expected to abide by a reasonable duty which depends upon relevant industry standards. When these basic standards aren’t followed, there may in fact be a legal claim involved.

Experienced Construction Defect Attorney

At the Law Offices of Colby Lewis, you will find experienced litigator committed to obtaining justice for victims of construction defects in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas. I have a diverse background in personal injury, contract disputes, business law, and all types of negligence when it comes to construction. I am experienced in both aggressive litigation and negotiation/mediation, at times working with our clients to reach settlements instead of going to court. Contact the firm today to find out how I can help you.