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The Law Offices of Colby Lewis, has significant experience representing businesses in cases involving contract disputes, commercial transactions, fraud and misrepresentation, mergers and acquisitions, and related causes of action. This includes both common and complex commercial litigation issues, and those that require aggressive litigation in court or successful mediation and negotiation.

Specifically, our attorney has handled hundreds of cases involving complex issues such as:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty: For violating the duty to act in the best interest of another party (for example, a board member failing his or her fiduciary duty to the shareholders)
  • Business Law Torts: Such as legal issues related to interfering with economic or business relationships which results in economic loss
  • Commercial Transactions: Covering violations of the laws governing business dealings, such as specific contract provisions
  • Commercial Collection Matters: Pursuing the collection of a debt against a business
  • Commercial Real Estate Development: Legal matters related to the creation and ongoing operation of buildings, developments, etc.--all real estate
  • Commercial Real Estate Litigation and Disputes: Commercial lease disputes, land use, partnership disputes, title disputes, issues related to condominium associations, sales and acquisition disputes, and related issues
  • Contract law: Assisting in the drafting and creation of contracts, as well as any disputes that arise over business contracts and/or provisions
  • Fraud & misrepresentation: Related to contract law, individuals and businesses may recover against another if a known false representation was made, resulting in damages
  • Insurance Claims: Working to ensure that insurance companies honor the terms of their policies
  • Mergers & acquisitions: Handling any legal matters related to the consolidation of two businesses into one or one business taking ownership of another’s stock, equity, or assets
  • Oil & gas disputes: Strategic legal counsel and representation to oil and gas clients, including conflict resolution and arbitration
  • Overtime violations: Helping resolve legal issues related to employment law and overtime
  • Partnership disputes: Internal disputes between business partners, directors, shareholders, etc.
  • Securities fraud: Loss due to inappropriate investment advice or fraud
  • Unfair competition: Legal issues arising from trademark infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, etc.

Attorney Colby Lewis offer a particular expertise when these areas overlap with construction defects, defective products, and personal injury. He has the ability to take a complex issue and make it simple and comprehensible to a judge or jury.

Commercial Litigation FAQs

1How does one decide whether or not to settle?
This is something you will need to discuss at length with your attorney. There are both pros and cons when it comes to settling; settling can sometimes be less expensive and stressful, and prevent certain documents from becoming part of the public record. However, moving forward with a case instead of settling can also sometimes be preferable, particularly if a company or individual wants to establish a particular public policy.
2How long will the entire process take?
This is also highly dependent upon the specific circumstances. Cases can take anywhere from months to years to resolve.
3What are some common disputes in commercial litigation?
Most disputes involve an allegation that parties did not live up to the obligations as enumerated in the agreement, but there are also disputes over sales of businesses, insurance disputes, shareholder actions, etc.
4What is a fiduciary duty?
A fiduciary duty is a legal obligation of one party to act in the best interests of another, for example, concerning money or property.
5What is a non-compete clause?
A non-compete clause is essentially a clause in a contract that one party agrees to concerning not entering into or starting a similar profession, business, or trade in competition against the other party.
6What kind of compensation or damages can be obtained when a contract is breached?
Damages for breach of contract are intended to make the nonbreaching party whole again, so to speak. This can come in the form of general damages, such as a refund, a reimbursement of any expenses incurred due to the nonperforming party breaching the contract, etc. Special damages can also sometimes be awarded for any indirect losses caused by the breach (for example, the nonbreaching party had to instead go and purchase x, which cost more money; thus the breaching party has to cover those extra expenses). Finally, punitive damages can also be awarded to punish the non breaching party if they acted willfully, maliciously, or fraudulently.
7What makes a contract binding?
All parties must be in agreement and something of value must be exchanged
8What is a shareholder derivative lawsuit?
A lawsuit brought by a shareholder of a company on behalf of the company against a third party.

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