Who We Are


Colby has already obtained nearly $150 Million in settlements for his roster of clients. (Almost $80 million of that in Construction Defect cases since 2015.) And he’s not nearly satisfied with those numbers.

Colby’s experience on both sides of the courtroom makes him uniquely qualified to analyze prospective cases, determine their likely outcome, and develop a plan for moving forward. Because Colby previously represented companies and insurers, he knows how these bad actors think and operate. Insurers and companies only have their best interests in mind. Colby Lewis is here to always protect what is important to you.

The verdicts and settlements below are not a comprehensive list of all cases, but are intended to be representative of cases handled by The Law Offices of Colby Lewis and to show what we’re capable of.

Colby and his team stand ready to provide our signature Relentless Representation to your case today.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Litigated on behalf of a Plaintiff who was injured in a commercial motor vehicle collision that involved the client’s vehicle being t-boned. Collision resulted in severe physical injury to the elderly client; obtained full policy limits and settlement to the sum of $273,000 for Plaintiff.
  • Successfully litigated a case on behalf of a client who was injured in a commercial motor vehicle collision where an 18-wheeler merged into Plaintiff’s vehicle, totaling it. Acquired full policy limits as well as a settlement for a total amount of $534,000.
  • Settled case, pre-litigation, for $78,443.50 after Client was rear-ended by a commercial 18-wheeler, which caused neck and back injury to client as well as damage to their vehicle.

Catastrophic Injury

Maritime/Jones Act

Personal Injury

  • Represented an individual injured in a gym incident due to a fallen tile. Despite the gym’s initial denial of the accident, Colby presented compelling evidence, including video proof of negligence. The gym’s stance shifted from offering nothing to agreeing to a $50,000 settlement.

  • Litigated on behalf of a Plaintiff suffering from PTSD and severe injuries as a result of a no-fault motor vehicle collision where their parked car was hit at high speed. Obtained full policy limits and a total settlement of $250,000 for client.
  • Obtained policy limits and settled a case, pre-litigation, for $132,507 for a client who was victim to a three-car collision and had experienced significant damage to their vehicle as well as injuries to their person.
  • Represented a client who was involved in a motor vehicle collision, in which the at-fault party drifted across multiple lanes and struck Plaintiff’s vehicle. As a result, client suffered neck and back injuries that required surgery. Obtained a pre-litigation settlement of $100,001 for client.
  • Represented a client in a motor vehicle accident, in which the at-fault motorist ran a stop sign. Obtained full policy limits and settled pre-litigation for $82,500.

Products Liability

Construction Defect

  • Represented dozens of government and private entities in building claims against contractors and successfully obtained multi-million-dollar settlements.

Licensing Infringement

  • Acting as outside counsel for an international oil and gas pipeline services company to resolve licensing, intellectual property, contract, and payment claims, often without the need or expense of litigation. Obtained successful resolution in the company’s favor in a licensing infringement dispute in relation to the unauthorized, attempted reverse-engineering of the company’s in-line inspection services technology.