Injuries We Handle

Injured? We Can Help!

Colby has seen it all. From medical malpractice to dog attacks, Colby understands your legal needs and the best way to navigate your case, no matter the type of settlement you need. Don’t see your injury here? We can still help — check out our full list of practice areas or contact us for more information.

Medical Malpractice

Going into a medical procedure only to have it go wrong is incredibly unjust. If this is what you’ve gone through, we’re here to make it right. Whether you’ve been misdiagnosed, prescribed the wrong medication, or faced improper care in the emergency room, Colby and his team are able to handle your case expertly and bring justice to you after what you’ve gone through.

Our expertise ensures results for you, with minimal delays and constant pressure on whoever was responsible for your malpractice. Relentlessness is our motto and what we stand by, because anything less is unfair to our clients.

Construction Accidents

No matter what kind of injuries you’ve dealt with on a construction site, we’ve got your back. Construction workers are often put in situations that they shouldn’t be in, whether it’s by employers who are skirting safety codes or insurance companies who try to get out of paying you what you deserve. Colby and his team are here to hold them accountable. We have a proven track record of dealing with a variety of construction accidents, and we’ll treat your case the same way we always do: relentlessly. Colby’s knowledge results in a flexible approach that finds a way forward no matter how complex your case is.

Injuries and Liability

Liability comes into play when you’re injured due to another person’s negligence in handling their property or products. If you’ve been injured due to a product that was improperly made, or a property that was improperly cared for, you may be able to get compensated for your losses.

Liability cases are complicated, but Colby and his team are experts. We’re able to evaluate your situation in detail, and find out how to handle your unique needs. Because there’s so much variety, we know that a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work for liability cases. That’s why we treat every case uniquely– to maximize your compensation.