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5.0 stars
I was rear ended in a three car accident a little over a year ago and thought I could navigate the process myself. The person who caused the accident was under insured and my vehicle was last in line of the accident and was not covered. I was referred to Colby Lewis by a friend and by far that was the best decision I could have made, Colby is down to earth and set realistic expectations. He delivered on everything that he said he would, and never over promised. In the end he was able to put a substantial amount of funds in my pocket and connect me with some great medical professionals in the process.

Again, hiring Colby was the best decision I could have made. He won me the mar awarded over $100,000 by insurance PLUS got me the full amount allotted for the uninsured motorist. This is unheard of when you are the last vehicle in the accident, Colby is so confident and truly the best in his practice that he not only took me on as a client but got me the medical attention needed AND a FULL SETTLEMENT.

Colby is an honest loyal attorney and I always felt like I was his top priority. He will answer all calls, text and emails 7 days a week. To top it off, the day he received the settlement I had the funds in ay hand within 24 hours. Do yourself a favor and contact Colby for any personal injury needs. You’re definitely in good hands!


Best Experience Ever

Many things can be said about my experience with Colby. If you are looking for someone treat you like a number or another case this is not the guy you are looking for but if you need someone that will fight for you and get you ever dollar you deserve this man is right for you. I can honestly say Colby toke the absolute best care of me and my case. He made sure that every step of the way I was well informed and knew the direction of my case. He set up all my doctor visits then made sure I got the full value of my case to help me along with my recovery. Thank you so much to Colby and his team.


Colby got me my life back

Wen I was hit, I didn’t know what to do. Being hit by someone you never saw coming and having your vehicle totaled is a singularly terrifying experience. Thankfully, a friend referred me to Colby.

Between my confusion, my head injury, my shock, and my fear, I really had no idea what to do. But Colby did. He took care of everything and helped me understand the process, Because of Colby, I got good medical care and I got to rest easy knowing Colby was taking care of everything.

A lot of lawyers just want to take your money, but Colby wants to give you money. From the beginning, he knows what really matters: YOU. Sure, he has to get paid, but he honestly wants to make sure you’re taken care of. That’s why he’s so successful: he puts everyone else first.

His staff is also excellent, helpful, and kind. I recommend Colby and his staff at 11/10.

Because of Colby, I have recovered from my injuries, and I will have enough money to get my life back on track,

Thank you, Colby,


My Hero

I was referred by another attorney whom I was working for to hire Attorney Colby Lewis. A car accident, which was not my fault, took my daily life away from me and left me with a massive grave that I needed to crawl out of. I needed spinal fusion surgery due to the accident and was concerned about how I was going to get this paid for as well as have extra money to pay off debt that was generated due to losing my job because I was incapable of working for a longtime. Colby and his POWER team stepped in and took control! They made the impossible happen. I am truly blessed that I chose Attorney Colby Lewis for this tragedy in my life. I am now getting ahead of the game, working again and moving forward. There are numerous things that a tragedy like this will affect. YOU MUST HIRE AN ATTORNEY so that you can get what you deserve. If you do not hire an attorney the insurance company will take advantage of you by not giving you what you are deserve; they are very trickyl Also, do not just hire any attorney! I have seen and heard bad stories that have happened to others that either did not hire an attorney or hired the wrong one. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATTORNEY COLBY LEWIS AND HIS POWER TEAMI


High recommendation for personal injury litigation

Last summer, I went to a newly opened popular patio bar with a retractable roof. Due to an engineering oversight the cable wires were not properly installed to withstand the tensile strength to open and close the roof resulting in a snapped cable wire striking my right eye. Immediately, I was unable to see clearly out of my dominant eye and was worried about lifelong damage towards my eyesight. I was referred by a mutual friend to contact Colby Lewis and was a complete professional during the entire process. During our first encounter, Colby stated that being an innocent bystander in a public business should never result in a serious injury and he will fight tooth and nail to extract justice for my personal injury. He referred me towards medical treatment to a prominent Houston ophthalmologist. He took care of all communications with the construction company at fault and conducted monthly calls to discuss the progress of the case. Colby has high integrity by being upfront and honest while tempering any unrealistic expectations and settled for a sum greater than expected. I would highly recommend Colby Lewis Law for anyone looking for a lawyer for personal injury cases.


Head on collision while parked!

After being hit near head on by an impaired driver while I was parked watching my son fishing I was given a recommendation for Mr. Lewis by a physician who had worked with him in the past. I have NEVER regretted contacting him. He has been an excellent advocate for me as I have gone through this experience. My medical care has been great and there has been no out of pocket expenses, We are awaiting the final settlement check which should cover what I lost due to my injuries and what I had to do to compensate in my daily life as a result of those injuries. I would HIGHLY recommend Colby if you have been injured in an accident.


Mr. Lewis strategically orchestra a major $$ win for me!!!

Mr. Colby Lewis diligently interviewed me, patiently listening and gathering the most intricate details to support my personal injury claim. Colby’s obvious experience and knowledge quickly earned my trust. He hired experts in many fields to investigate and provide expert witness information to validate and confirm every aspect that was crucial to my case. Colby’s knowledge, experience, and determination resulted in the insurance company settling without going to court because he made sure the evidence was so precise that “the enemy” knew they couldn’t win in court. I was awarded a large sum of money that I strongly believe that no other law firm could have gotten for me. I highly recommend anyone to allow Mr. Colby Lewis to handle your case. I’m so very happy that I trusted Colby and I now have enough money to take care of me and my health care needs for the rest of my life.


Colby Lewis is a miracle worker!!

After a not at fault car accident, months later I was still trying to negotiate with insurance company and getting nowhere, i was needing more medical treatment and bills were piling up. Mr. Colby Lewis came highly recommended from a close family friend whom i trusted. He immediately took charge of the case, stopped the bill collectors from calling me, got me in to medical facilities for treatment, found good doctors, numerous tests, two surgeries and over 125 physical therapy sessions. My medical bills alone were several hundred thousand dollars, Recently he successfully negotiated a very complicated settlement without going to court, with the insurance company paying out in full so my medical expenses were all covered with no expense to me. In addition I was finally paid back for my totaled out car and my personal expenses regarding the crash. I also unexpectedly received a large cash settlement which allowed me to pay off my car, all my credit card bills, and still leaving me with enough to put my life back together. I cant tell you how much Colby and his team have changed my outcome, i would be permanently disabled and filing bankruptcy if not for him. Colby is a first rate attorney and advocate, with great attention to detail, expert knowledge of the law and a compassion for his clients i hadnt found elsewhere. Please dont hesitate to call him – you will be in good hands and wont regret it. Highly recommended!
Thanks Colby, you are the best!


Call Colby - It works!

A couple of years ago, I had an unfortunate incident in a store that led to a sudden slip and fall’ due to the negligence of the cleaning staff. After the incident I was NOT the same …. I had suffered continuous pain and saw my medical needs increase dramatically. After inquiring about a possible lawyer, I was later recommended to Mr. Colby Lewis who was described affectionately as a ‘Bull-Bog …a passionate lawyer who will fight to the end for his clients. Unsure and hesitant, I took a leap of faith and called Mr. Lewis. Well, the call was worth it because the person that I found on the other end of the call immediately put me at ease. He was welcoming, upbeat, kind, incredibly attentive and professional. He and his staff immediately began to take care of me! The diligence and efficiency with which they worked, was impressive. I felt comforted and supported in my quest to take care of the financial burden of my rising medical costs! My experience with Mr. Lewis and his staff from the very beginning to the close of the case was nothing short of wonderful! The communication was constant, the attention to detail was amazing and the congenial nature of the staff was fabulous! But, the most important component was the relationship that Mr. Lewis formed with me as a client… He was always, focused, honest, and informative throughout the entire process. He created an atmosphere of trust and that was one of the most cherished parts of my experience working with Mr. Colby Lewis and his team. I highly recommend Mr. Colby Lewis and his team. They will NOT disappoint! It is difficult to find good representation and I was lucky to have been pointed his direction. Mr. Lewis fought for me until the very end and the outcome was quite pleasing! In my opinion, 5 stars is not even enough to capture the talent within this law firm! Mr. Colby Lewis runs a tight ship and he delivers for his clients!!


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