Shoulder and Leg Injuries: Double Trouble

Here at the Law offices of Colby Lewis, we work with you from the beginning until the very end. We are prepared to work with different health providers to get you the best care possible – even if this means needing several surgeries.

Being in an automobile accident is stressful enough, but needing urgent care for physical injuries is another level. For our Jane Doe in 2018, this was entirely the case. In her collision, the third party made an illegal left turn from the wrong lane as she was behind him. Though our client tried to take evasive action, the right front struck the back left and caused her car to flip several times on the highway. She suffered severe physical injuries, needing to eventually have surgery on her shoulder for a rotator cuff tear and her hip.

Example of Rotator Cuff Tear

Example of Leg/Hip Surgery

Many in her position are afraid to seek the treatment needed, thinking it’s cheaper to confront insurance adjusters on their own. Jane ignored the severity of her injuries for fear she could not afford the care. In turn, the insurance adjusters continued to stonewall and refuse to pay out the treatment she already received.

Finally, she sought help, and since seeking our guidance, she finally started on a road to recovery. By providing transportation, durable medical equipment, two surgeries, and countless physical therapy, our client received complete treatment. Not only is she completely healed now, but the insurance paid the entirety of her treatment. She received everything lost and more in return.

All of our clients are memorable, and we are with you during these hard times while you receive treatment, during, and after. Having never forgotten a client, my paralegal and I visited Ms. Doe where she works. We all chatted and had a good time. This month actually marks her anniversary.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like our Jane Doe, know that there is a way to get the treatment you need without burying yourself in bankruptcy. Give us a call for guidance and we will stay with you and get you on that road to recovery.

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