Personal Injury

Premises Liability Claims

Commercial businesses have an obligation and responsibility to keep their premises safe for customers. If you have been injured on the property of business, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries.

Premises liability claims include injuries due to slipping and falling, electrocution or shock caused by defective wiring, lack of security in spite of repeated and similar acts of violence, uneven stairs or defective stair railings, dog bites or dangerous dog attacks, falling building materials or products, attractive nuisances, such as broken equipment or improperly maintained pools, and more.

Business and property owners, apartment complex owners, property managers, landlords, and homeowners have a duty to keep their premises safe and can be liable for the injuries you sustain on their property.

Slip and fall cases and other premises liability claims are difficult to litigate and require a committed and experienced attorney. The Law Offices of Colby Lewis is experienced and tenacious when dealing with this type of personal injury claim.

Private property owners are required to uphold their obligation to maintain their property and the safety of their guests and workers. Colby has a no tolerance policy for corporate bullying and isn’t afraid to use his institutional knowledge and legal savvy to get you the compensation you deserve.

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