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How a building is constructed is of critical importance; construction defects can be dangerous to you, your loved ones, and anyone who enters or occupies your commercial or residential property. Construction defect problems may not be easily detected by non-experts, but they can cause major issues such as, rapidly diminishing the value of the building, shortening the life span of the building, creating an unsafe, uncomfortable, or undesirable space for occupants, and increasing cost of maintenance and ownership.

Although it may be difficult to identify some construction defects, there are many symptoms of construction defects to be aware of, including:

  • Roof or ceiling leaks
  • Stained or cracked drywall
  • Window leaks
  • Standing water in crawl spaces or basements
  • Inoperable windows or doors
  • Cracked or settling asphalt
  • Electrical problems
  • HVAC system problems, such as insufficient heating or cooling
  • Leaks within the building
  • Fire alarm issues
  • Poor design
  • Plumbing problems
  • Stained ceiling tiles
  • Structural framing deficiencies
  • Foundation problems
  • Renovation issues

Some of these problems can be symptoms of much larger issues or complications with the property. If you find or suspect a construction defect, the best approach is to have the issue investigated by an expert. The Law Offices of Colby Lewis is highly experienced in analyzing and assessing construction defect cases, both commercial and residential.

The Law Offices of Colby Lewis knows that you may have questions regarding your construction defect claim, and we are here to help.

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