Commercial Litigation

Shareholder Claims, including Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Trust is the cornerstone of commercial success. The law recognizes certain duties among people who do business together. In its simplest form, a fiduciary duty is an obligation from one party to act in good faith towards another. This duty exists in relationships with business partners, agents and principals, corporate officers and the corporation, joint ventures, and shareholders.

Sometimes, fiduciaries breach their duty and abuse the trust of the person or corporation they have harmed. Partners, officers, and directors can be sued for harming the business, and by extension, can be sued for harming the rights of shareholders.

Commercial litigation involving breach of fiduciary duty and/or shareholder claims can be highly complex and requires an attorney highly experienced in these matters. At The Law Offices of Colby Lewis, our priority is to protect, preserve, and defend our clients’ rights. Our team of professionals stand ready to investigate any breach of fiduciary duty.

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