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It is no secret that the bottom line for insurance companies is turning a profit, and this can translate into unfairly denying insurance coverage to policyholders. When it comes to insurance companies, individuals, families, and small and big businesses alike often find themselves in need of strong attorneys who will negotiate and litigate on their behalf.

The Law Offices of Colby Lewis, has a history of success in obtaining insurance funds on behalf of our clients who have suffered as a result of a personal injury, defective product, business law tort, and many other circumstances. Contact the firm today to find out how Attorney Lewis can help you.

Personal Injury Claims

Any individual or company who is liable for an accident (and injury) typically has to cover the medical expenses of the injured, including lost wages and pain and suffering. Under some circumstances, this should pass to the individual or business’ liability insurance company.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability is supposed to provide businesses with insurance coverage if they ever face claims brought against them for injury, property damage, and other liability issues. These types of claims can be expensive, and policyholders (the businesses themselves) often find themselves confronted with exemptions that somehow result in a lack of coverage. In these circumstances, a strong, experienced attorney can help counsel your business on next steps.

Construction Defect

Insurance coverage for some aspects of construction work is important, particularly if mistakes are made and those mistakes result in damage or injury. These policies are typically obtained to ensure that someone who is injured due to the negligence of a developer, contractor, or someone else involved in the construction and/or real estate process can be made whole again. If the time comes to rely on this insurance coverage and the insurance company suddenly cites policy exclusions to justify denying coverage, you will need to work with attorney who understands how these types of claims work in order to ensure that justice is done.

Directors and Officers Insurance

This type of insurance is crucial in order to ensure security and financial protection for companies and their directors. There are a variety of circumstances whereby these insurance programs are needed and claims are made, whether they involve crashing markets, corporate scandals, securities lawsuits, shareholder derivative actions, and related actions.

Employment Practices

This type of liability coverage can be an important component to ensure that your business is protected against the risk that any and all employment relationships bring about.

Committed Insurance Recovery Attorneys

When you’ve been dutifully paying for your policy each month and a claim arises, you rely on your insurance policy to help cover that claim. If the carrier denies that coverage, our attorneys will negotiate aggressively and effectively on your behalf. In many circumstances, aggressive negotiation and/or mediation can avoid litigation and provide you with peace of mind. If the claim needs to be brought in court, however, we are there to ensure that it is done right. Contact thee firm today for a free consultation .