Absolutely No Cost To You Unless We Win

Our lawyers know how difficult it is following a serious injury-causing accident or a catastrophic incidentto cover therelated expenses you are already facing. We are therefore proud to work on a contingency fee agreement. This means that you will only pay if we are able to recover for you. From the first consultation to the very end of your case, we will front all of the expenses—including any man hours we put in and all fees of experts that we consult. We will only be paid if we win your case, and our payment will come from the total recovery that we make--not directly out of your pocket.

We Also Offer Several Other Affordable Fee Agreements

We at The Law Offices of Colby Lewis understand that our clients each come from different places in their lives and therefore, each will need a unique fee arrangement to suit their needs. In an effort to be flexible, we have made it possible for those we agree to enter into an attorney-client relationship with access to several different agreements. The first is known as a flat fee arrangement. In these cases, we will offer a singular flat fee to our client regardless of how many hours we work, our success, or any other factors.

The second agreement is a straight hourly rate. In these cases, our clients will have a single fee that will be billed to them per hour. This may be the best option in cases that are fairly straightforward. If we believe that the number of hours should be relatively limited, you may be able to save money by agreeing to a straight hourly rate agreement; this can shave off a considerable amount of money from the final bill. The Law Offices of Colby Lewis can make a recommendation as to which agreement is likely to be best suited to your case.

Call Us Today to Learn More About How We Can Help

At The Law Offices of Colby Lewis, we believe that everyone deserves to seek justice without being held back by finances. At our firm, we believe in the importance of justice over financial gain. By working with our firm under a contingency fee agreement, you will be able to rest assured knowing you will have a partner who is equally invested in the outcome of your case. To learn more about our different fee agreements, please contact us today.